Our Plan for Optimal Library Transition Efficiency

At MEYER Library Relocation, we feel strongly that the key to the smooth and successful execution of all library moves is in the planning.  Prior to the start of your project, our Library Relocation Specialists will work closely with you to produce a granular detailed measuring and mapping plan.  This comprehensive plan will identify simultaneous pack areas and help minimize shifting that might result from interfiling collections.

Our proprietary electronic mapping software allows our project management team to make plan adjustments and fine-tune collection layouts online and in real time.  Using this vital information, our specialists can provide you with a clear project plan, which will include:

  • Identification of multiple start points through all stack levels with respective shelf fill percentages
  • Clear guide to the timing of packing and unpacking processes
  • Defined timing of labor requirements, with flexibility for staffing adjustments necessary to meet productivity deadlines