The Future of Library Software has Arrived: Facilitating Changes in the Modern Library
07 Jun

The Future of Library Software has Arrived: Facilitating Changes in the Modern Library

Caia Software and Solutions, LLC. is an IT services provider that develops operational functions to connect a library with their book collection while in storage. The software, Caiasoft, works as a third-party system to provide data as well as statistics, reports, and billing management on storage collections. The software has a user-friendly interface that is accessible from any browser or device: computer, tablet, or cellphone. With Caiasoft, libraries easily keep track of their collections wherever they are, whenever they want. As the field of library science has grown and modernized, technology has become increasingly important for the organization of materials and information. With libraries focused more on media centers and the creation of collaborative study spaces, many are storing their physical books offsite.

To keep up with these changing needs, MEYER Library Relocation has implemented Caiasoft to help manage offsite collections. Caiasoft is a one of a kind, fully-inclusive system that integrates all storage processes into an easy-to- use interface. Caiasoft creates a virtual platform for the MEYER Library Relocation team and their customers to communicate in real-time for status updates and requests. MEYER Library Relocation utilizes Caiasoft for accessioning, accuracy, and inter-operability.

The benefits of using Caiasoft include:

  • Condition based alerts for capacity and vacancy
  • Item-level accountability
  • On demand statistics regarding storage collection

Beyond using this industry-leading software to help manage your collections, our MEYER Library Relocation services also include state-of-the-art, temperature and humidity controlled, depository level storage. Whether your library is relocating, renovating, adding inventory, or in need of off-site storage, MEYER Library Relocation can meet any of your needs. Our depository features the latest inventory scanning technologies, high density shelving, and top of the line fire suppression. Learn more about our Library Relocation and storage solutions!

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