Library Depository Storage in High Demand
28 Mar

Library Depository Storage in High Demand

MEYER Library Relocation has been carefully handling, storing, and relocating libraries for over 35 years. As part of our complete library relocation solution, we offer state-of-the-art depository level storage at our facility in Windsor, CT.

Our Windsor facility is specifically designed with advanced levels of security, high-density shelving, the latest inventory scanning technologies, temperature and humidity control systems, advanced fire suppression, and a convenient on-site reading room. Our depository is the perfect solution for libraries and institutions in transition.

Decades of experience combined with technology solutions make us uniquely qualified to partner with libraries on projects of this scale. The High-Density Storage Model we developed optimizes space and operational capacity. Our web -based inventory management system allows item status updates to be sent from the inventory control system to the local library database. The management system also allows for access to materials through next day or electronic delivery options. The software generates standard statistical reports, such as lists of titles housed or requested sorted by author, title, bar code, and shelf locations. Custom reports are also available upon request.

Providing uninterrupted access to vital resources for library patrons and researchers is often a top priority. We have a proven track record for providing libraries and institutions with quick turnaround and dependability. We carefully handle every item in the collection with catalogued storage so retrieval is easy and accurate when the need arises. The web-based management system provides remote access for status updates, retrieval requests, and reporting. As library space and collection management continue to be a topic of conversation, our depository services remain at the center of many of those discussions.

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