Safe and Secure Storage of your Library Collection

We offer state-of-the-art depository level storage in our Windsor, Connecticut facility. For libraries and institutions looking for a high-quality, affordable storage service for their valuable volumes and other materials, our facility offers significant storage and security benefits.

Our Windsor facility has been specifically designed to meet all your needs, with advanced levels of security and climate control, featuring high-density shelving, the latest inventory scanning technologies, temperature and humidity control systems, and top-of-the-line fire suppression, as well as a convenient on-site reading room.

Our depository offers many other advantages including:

  • Quick and easy access to information:
    Access your materials through next day delivery or our electronic delivery options.
  • Web-based inventory management system:
    We have a proprietary interface that allows item status updates to be sent from our inventory control system to your local library database.
  • Statistical reports of activity:
    Our technology generates standard statistical reports, such as lists of titles housed or requested sorted by author, title, bar code, and shelf locations. Custom reports are available upon request.

High-Density Depository Storage Model

Setting up your own Off-site Depository Storage

In addition to our off-site book and materials depository storage services, we consult with libraries and institutions that are interested in setting up self-owned storage. Our extensive experience and technology solutions makes us uniquely qualified to be your partner as you embark on this ambitious project. Our in-depth High-Density Storage Model will ensure you optimize space and operational capacity, today and in the future.